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Conditions of Purchase


(1) The company Scheid IT GmbH, Lilienstr. 13, 89150 Laichingen (hereinafter referred to as the "service provider") provides its services in the context of contract initiation on the basis of this

Terms and conditions that become part of the service contract. Deviations from these

Terms and conditions are only valid if they have been confirmed in writing by the service provider.


(1) The contract for the use of the services offered by the service provider is concluded when

an authorized representative of the service provider accepts the order placed by the customer. The

Acceptance is confirmed conclusively or in writing by the first performance act. As far as the

Service providers are not provided for the fulfillment of the agreed services of third parties

Contracting party of the customer. The service provider is entitled to conclude the contract without stating

To deny reasons.


(1) The service provider agrees to all accessible in connection with the conclusion of the contract

Information and documents known as confidential or in other circumstances clearly identifiable as business or trade secrets of the customer, to keep secret and these - if not required to achieve the purpose of the contract - neither record nor to pass on or exploit. The service provider has suitable contractual agreements with the

workers and / or agents working for them also ensure that this any own recovery, transfer or unauthorized record of such business and to refrain from trade secrets. Relevant obligations apply to the customer

Business and trade secrets of Scheid IT GmbH.

(2) The customer agrees that his in the context of business relations personal data for the settlement of the business relationship computer-stored and be processed automatically. The customer is hereby informed that the service provider and instructed vicarious agents your data by machine in accordance with § 33 paragraph 1

Federal Data Protection Act and in accordance with §4 of the Teleservices Data Protection Act (TDDSG). The

Customer is entitled, at any time, the data stored about his person or his pseudonym to inquire free of charge from the service provider. The service provider undertakes to use this data solely for Service provision and not to third parties, unless these third parties are on involved in the service provision.

(3) The customer shall indemnify the service provider against all claims of third parties regarding the customer

free data. Unless otherwise agreed, the customer allows the communication by Telephone, fax, letter and e-mail.

(4) In spite of all care, when communicating by e-mail, computer viruses or the like can be used. be transmitted. The customer must take appropriate security precautions to damage his systems prevent.

E-mails and faxes can be read by third parties. This risk can be due Encryption reduced but not completely excluded. This is accepted by the customer.

4 General Terms and Conditions, Scheid IT GmbH, 1.6.2021


(1) Claims for damages due to breach of duty arising from obligations and unauthorized Action may be against the service provider and its vicarious agents only be asserted if intentional or grossly negligent acts are proven can. The aforementioned exclusion of liability does not apply to the breach of essential contractual obligations (Cardinal Obligations 1). Likewise, the liability of the service provider for warranted characteristics,

in the event of personal injury or due to mandatory statutory provisions. Performance disruptions due to force majeure, in particular the failure or overload of global communication networks, the service provider is not responsible. For this reason, the Customer should not claim a reduction of his obligation to perform.

(2) The service provider is not liable for the information published about his services. The sender is responsible for their accuracy, completeness and timeliness.

(3) The service provider is not liable for damages suffered by the customer due to insufficient

Precautionary measures may arise during data transmission.

(4) A possible liability for damages is limited to the amount of the annual fee.

(5) The liability for damages resulting from data loss shall be limited to the amount which, if properly paid

Data backup would have been incurred, but not more than the annual fee.

(6) Claims for damages of the customer expire one year after their occurrence without prejudice to

Regulation of § 202 BGB. This shortening does not apply if the service provider is grossly negligent or with

Intentionally acted.


(1) The service provider is entitled to change these terms and conditions at any time with a reasonable notice period of at least six weeks.

(2) If the customer does not contradict within six weeks after publication, then the

changed terms and conditions as accepted.

(3) In the event of a customer's rescission, the current terms and conditions for the customer remain



(1) If any provision of this Terms of Business be ineffective, the effectiveness of the remaining

Provisions of this not affected.

(2) German law applies. Jurisdiction for all disputes arising from the contractual relationship of the parties



1 The jurisprudence understands cardinal obligations to be such obligations "the fulfillment of which proper implementation of the contract was made possible and its Contracting party regularly familiar and trust "- ie the main contractual obligations.

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