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Machine Test
Easy. Flexible. Fast.
Test IT All


Is it possible to check production systems easy and effectively?


Do you know the problem that your equipment is having failures that should not occur anymore?

>> Did you sufficiently check the machines before they left your production halls?

>> Did you do the right tests?

>> Did you check the system with their own periphery?

>> Did you have the necessary resources?

As mentioned above there can be different causes. The SIT testbox has been specially designed to check your system with individual tests and to analyze and eliminate existing erros before they are delivered to the customer. No complicated test setup is needed - the predefined, individual tests are easy to do. You just need the periphery of the machine.


Connection options

TCP/IP, RS232, CAN (optional), USB
5V inputs and outputs,

24V inputs and outputs
(optional, additional power supply required)



Battery operation possible

(except 24V inputs and outputs)



custom machine tests

custom software customizations

Camera (optional)


Pictures / Videos


Only the connection to the predecessor or successor machine is made by connecting the SIT testbox with the provided cables.

The SIT testbox not only checks whether the desired function is configured correctly, but also whether the software is working properly. At the same time an incorrect wiring or an electrical defect can be excluded. With the help of the SIT testbox, you will be offered a simple way of maximizing the amount of tests and at the same time improving the quality.

The possibilities are virtually unlimited, since the testbox has several options for the control. For example, potential-free 24 inputs and outputs, Ethernet, serial and optional CAN communication can be mentioned here. In addition, an integrated camera is optionally available to take pictures or videos for documentation purposes.

Let your creativity flow ...

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